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Friend. Friendship

Human  relation  is  a  strong, deep   important association  in  the  life  and  important  acquaintance  between  two  or more  people.  This  association  may be  based  on  inference, love, solidarity,  business  interactions.
Friendship is a  relationship  of mutual affection, love, confidence  between  two  or more  people. We  choose  such a friend, who  likes us,  with whom we are always happy, who  trusts  and  helps us.
To Trust, and  to have a friend on whom  you can rely, believe, dedicate and call a  friend. It is so hard to find a friend.
Every  person  chooses  friend,  whom he will  trust his  secrets. Best  friend  feel, that you are  unhappy, even  if  you don’t show  your feelings.
Friends  are not only for  good  days, they will be by your side  even  in  difficult  times.  A  real  friends  is a miracle, and we  must   believe  in  miracles.
To Find a friend is very  difficult, but to lose a friend is more  difficult, and and happy is the man who has a real friend.  Life is a  boomerang.  You will get back what you give. Be a  good  friend and  you will  have a  good  friend.

                     Friend is someone, who  knows  everything  about  you, but  still  is in love with you. Elbert Hubard  

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