понедельник, 27 октября 2014 г.

Why to learn foreign languages

It is very  important   to know languages. When you move to a different country, learning the local language will helps you to communicate easily and with foreigners. 
If  you  have  friends or  relatives,  who  speak  different  languages, learning  English  will  help  you  to  communicate  with  them.
When  you  travel to foreign  countries  for  work, studied or  holiday,  in  plain  when  necessary you  must  communicate  with  workers and  foreigners.  When  you  live  such  hotels, where  live  different  foreigners,  you  can  find  someone  who  speaks  English.

English is  a global  language in the world, and  the knowledge of  English gives you  great  chances   to work  and  live  abroat.

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